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100,000 Mark


I recently was reviewing some of the statics and discovered we have over 100,000 views not including search engine crawling. A couple of more interesting statistics:

Thank you to all of my readers who are enjoying all of the posts, and finding them valuable!  It has been a lot of fun sharing the technical information I have with everyone and helping give back to the online community which has taught me so much…

Also, just to throw this random tidbit out there… Beyond being an IT Professional, both on the network and systems side, as well as some management and director level experience. I have been working on the creative side with helping people plan vacations, and it is a lot more exciting and enjoyable than I expected. While it is only a part time gig, it is a serious and professional enterprise. So if you need any vacation planning or travel assistance (such as technical conferences), go ahead and check out my blog over at

~ Enjoy!